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YULEYS® TPR by HexArmor®

  • Hands-free on-and-off usage
  • TPR rubber
  • Slip-reducing tread design
  • Heel-locking grip system
  • Universal fit for all work boots/shoes

YULEYS® are reusable work boot and shoe covers made to prevent outdoor debris, dirt, and contaminants from being tracked into clean areas. YULEYS® are made specifically for industrial and in-home service workers and are made with a high-quality TPR for long-term wear and durability.

TPR provides slip-reducing tread for both wet and dry situations, giving users superior traction on surfaces like wood, tile, and linoleum. TPR can be washed using soap and water, and can be sterilized with bleach. YULEYS® are hands-free, and more cost-effective than disposable booties, saving you time and money.


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YULEYS® reusable work boot covers are made specifically for industrial and in-home service workers, designed as a replacement for disposable booties. YULEYS® provide better traction, are more cost effective, and are hands-free making them more efficient.

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