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Neckband Neckband

Cool off with ColdRush™ neck bands. Designed with eVapora™ technology, you can quickly cool down,...Read More

Bandana Bandana

ColdRush™ bandanas, designed with eVapora™ technology, create a cooling feeling directly on your...Read More

Hard Hat Liner Hard Hat Liner

The ColdRush™ hard hat insert is like a built in A/C for your head. The eVapora™ technology helps...Read More

Du Rag Standard Du Rag Standard

ColdRush™ Du Rags are designed to help you keep cool, and stay comfortable during long and hot...Read More

GGT5® 4010 GGT5® 4010

GGT5® gloves are built to be the toughest oil and gas, and mining gloves on the market. With such...Read More

The Hex1® 2130 The Hex1® 2130

The Hex1® 2130 is the tool you need to accomplish the task at hand. A TP-X® palm  provides a solid...Read More

The Hex1® 2125 The Hex1® 2125

The Hex1® 2125 provides light impact protection along the back of the hand, and a genuine leather...Read More

The Hex1® 2123 The Hex1® 2123

The Hex1® 2123 not only provides a waterproof barrier for your hands, but our H2X™ liner is also...Read More

The Hex1® 2122 The Hex1® 2122

Designed with grip, comfort, and quality in mind. The Hex1® 2122 has a high-dexterity silicone...Read More

The Hex1® 2120 The Hex1® 2120

The Hex1® 2120 was built to perform. With a comfortable synthetic leather shell and reinforced...Read More

PentaArmor® PentaArmor®

Introducing the PentaArmor® sleeve. It’s now possible to increase arm safety by 800% and reduce...Read More

9” Arm Guard 9” Arm Guard

HexArmor® Arm Protection will outperform, outlast, and fit more comfortably than the competition....Read More

NXT™ 10-302 NXT™ 10-302

The NXT™ Series takes a knit glove structure and delivers the highest cut-resistance levels by...Read More

NSR 4041 NSR 4041

HexArmor® sets the industry standard for needle protection with innovative solutions for a...Read More

Hotmill 8100 Hotmill 8100

Introducing HexArmor® HeatArmor® 8100, the hottest innovation in cut-resistant hotmill hand...Read More

HexMat HexMat

The perfect solution for full coverage protection when working on or around hazardous materials....Read More

Leg Gaiters Leg Gaiters

Cut, puncture and abrasion–resistant HexArmor® Gaiters protect your body from high-risk hazards...Read More

HexJacket HexJacket

The HexArmor® Jacket provides heavy duty cut and puncture protection for a variety of...Read More


We went from 10 recordables a month to ZERO! That pretty much speaks for itself.


They are lasting much longer then I had anticipated and, yes, we are using them daily.  Since we...Read More


Working with HexArmor®, we’ve reduced hand and finger injuries by 98%.... In the 6 years we’ve...Read More

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