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HexArmor® has been a leader in technology and innovation since our founding. Our breakthroughs in materials, design, and functionality have literally changed the PPE landscape. From patented cut and puncture technologies such as SuperFabric® brand materials, to our proprietary IR-X™ impact protection, HexArmor® is redefining how people view protection.

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TP-X® (Palm enhancement)

Increased durability and protection

TP-X® is our technical protective palm material, designed for enhanced cut and puncture protection while...Read More

SuperFabric® NXT™

Direct-print SuperFabric® Brand Material Technology

NXT™ products combine SuperFabric® brand material armor plating with our own proprietary...Read More

IR-X® (Impact)

The Next Generation of Impact Protection

The most advanced HexArmor® impact resistance comes with all the dexterity, all the comfort, and more...Read More

SuperFabric® Needle

HexArmor® – The Industry Leader in Needle Protection

Needles are sharp, beveled cutting instruments designed to pierce the skin. To stop them...Read More

SuperFabric® Puncture

Industrial Puncture Protection from a Variety of Hazards

HexArmor® gloves, arm, and body protection, made with SuperFabric® brand materials, are...Read More

SuperFabric® Cut

Exceeding Industry Standards for Cut-Resistance

HexArmor® products, made with SuperFabric® brand materials, offer industry leading...Read More