October 30, 2013

What is a Glove Trial?

"Glove trial" refers to the process of field-testing different safety glove models - either from a single source or from several manufacturers - in order to identify the best glove for a particular job. When done correctly, there are many benefits to doing a glove trial:

  • Improved hand safety program and equipment.
  • Reduced incidence of hand injuries.
  • Increased awareness of hand safety issues among workers.
  • Better worker compliance with hand safety PPE requirements.
  • Lower hand protection costs, as a result of finding durable gloves that last longer and don't need to be replaced as often, or a reduction in medical costs, insurance rates, and worker's comp claims.

Because work conditions vary from one job site to another, there is no way to tell how effective a particular glove will be without testing it in the field. That's the only way to accurately evaluate how well a glove will hold up in the real world, and protect against the actual hazards encountered in the workplace. Although a glove may have tested well in laboratory settings, the fact that it has a high cut rating does not mean that it is a good choice. For example, it may have low abrasion resistance and will break down quickly in the field. If a glove doesn't provide the same level of protection at the end of the work day that it does at the beginning, then you need to consider another option. This is what the glove trial process is for.

To ensure you avoid wasting time and money on a poorly run glove trial - or, worse, invest in poorly made, minimally protective hand PPE - HexArmor® has outlined a set of proven steps for the glove trial process. This methodology is designed to ensure your glove trial runs smoothly, and is as effective as possible. These tips and recommendations come from over a decade of experience working with large industrial companies testing our gloves in the field, and collecting feedback from the workforce.

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About HexArmor®

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