March 12, 2014

HexArmor® has been working with industry leaders for over 8 years, and our primary goal has remained the same: lower injury rates. Our objective is to provide not only the PPE, but the safety education necessary to make workplace injuries a zero.

Hands-on Experience for the Best Hand Safety

Last January, HexArmor® sent a team of solution specialists to experience what work feels like deep underground in a prominent Virginia mine. Through this, HexArmor® was able to see the hazards of mining first hand and gain a better overall understanding of the types of hand protection they need in order to stay safe on the job.

HexArmor® invests significant time and money to experience and understand the industrial applications for which we provide PPE. By sending our reps to learn from the miners we work for, we have been able to develop innovations in PPE that the mining industry had previously only dreamed of.

Developing Mining-Specific Products

Using the information gained from worksites, we are able to improve upon our current mining safety equipment. In some cases, we even develop entirely new products to provide protection against hazards we didn’t know existed. One example is our new knit-impact glove, the Rig Lizard® 2090, which was designed specifically to give workers a thin work glove option, offering dexterity without sacrificing the impact protection needed to work safely.

The Rig Lizard® 2090 is in high demand because it delivers the dexterity, durability, laceration resistance, and impact protection our customers have been asking for. It’s rare to find gloves that work so well for such a wide variety of applications. With feedback from workers on real-life worksites, however, anything is possible. Even Mission-Zero.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a site visit for your company, please contact us today.