November 14, 2013

Choosing the proper safety glove for your employees can be a challenge, even with the assistance of Solutions Specialists and safety ratings.  For many volunteer fire departments, the best way to find the right choice is to put gloves on the hands of the team, and wait to see what product really fits their needs.

Our EXT Rescue® extrication gloves are designed with the safety characteristics and features that first responders look for, but to choose the perfect glove for their Specialized Rescue Team, Arbutus Vol. Fire Department in Maryland put 5 of our gloves to the test, in addition to three others from a different manufacturer.

By breaking down the trial into the most important glove factors, such as durability and price, the SRT Leader at Arbutus VFD was able to rank each trialed glove on the same scale, making them easily comparable to each other.  While different employees might expect different performing factors from their safety gloves, the model used by our friends at Arbutus is a good example of an effective wear trial in action.

To find out how to run your own glove trial, take a look at our past blog post entitled, “How to Conduct an Effective Glove Trial.”

And be sure to check out the entire Arbutus VFD case study below.

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