Performance Ratings

Level 3 / A2
  • Shell is comprised of a 13-gauge Kevlar® and wool blend
  • Recommended use as an underglove
  • Flame resistant properties: While this glove has been tested to EN 407, it did not pass the EN407 requirements for protective gloves against thermal risks (heat and/or fire) because the abrasion resistance did not meet the minimum requirement of Level 1. The glove as new does meet the following performance levels of EN 407: 5.1 Burning Behavior – Level 4 5.2 Contact Heat - Level 1 5.3 Convective Heat – Level 3 5.4 Radiant Heat – Level 1 The user should however be aware that these levels of performance may not be maintained in use, due to damage arising due to the low level of abrasion resistance, and where hand protection from heat and flame is required the user should select an EN 407 compliant glove from our range.
  • Launderable

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