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Industrial Puncture Protection from a Variety of Hazards

HexArmor® gloves, arm, and body protection, made with SuperFabric®* brand materials, are engineered to deflect and block industrial puncture hazards by limiting the space between the guard plates. Our puncture-resistance is unique because it stops a variety of industrial puncture hazards, while other technologies only perform well in test environments.

  • Guard plate configurations allow industry leading puncture protection from nails, slivers, and wires
  • Spacing between guard plates provides needed flexibility without sacrificing performance
  • Punctures are deflected, blocked by SuperFabric® brand material guard plates
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Due to inherent construction, conventional materials such as cotton, leather, aramids, and nylon are unable to stop sharp objects from penetrating through the material. You may see products with a high CE puncture rating, which tests with a blunt force probe. We do not recommend using this method for industrial puncture-resistance, as industrial punctures usually have cutting edges and tips, not blunt tips.

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HexArmor® puncture-resistant gloves, arm, and body protection were engineered to deflect and block sharp industrial punctures. We have solutions for puncture hazards as thick as a wood splinter, and as fine as a single wire strand from a steel braided cable. HexArmor® offers real industrial puncture protection – we know because our end users tell us that we have saved them from thousands of puncture injuries.

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*SuperFabric® is the registered trademark of Higher Dimensions Materials, Inc. (HDM) at 570 Hale Ave, Oakdale, MN 55128.  HDM is the owner and supplier of SuperFabric® Brand Materials.  HexArmor® is an exclusive licensee of SuperFabric® Brand Material.