Video Transcription

Introducing the Helix Series 2070 seamless pu coated gloves.

Fitting like a second skin, the 2070 is lightweight, flexible, durable and unlike any other seamless glove in the industry.

The high-performance 13-gauge, HPPE, fiberglass, and steel blend shell provides cut protection higher than anything in the industry, relative to its gauge size. (visual: ANSI/ISEA cut level A6.) The 2070 also offers puncture and abrasion resistance, while the knit wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove.

Steel fibers in the knit provide touch screen capabilities allowing access to technology without having to remove the gloves – allowing workers to stay on task.

The non-tacky polyurethane palm coating provides superior grip and abrasion resistance in dry, wet or oily situations while maintaining high dexterity and tactility.

If you have any questions about the Helix Series 2070, please contact us.

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