Hearing loss – it’s been called the silent relationship killer, and for good reason. Unlike other workplace injuries, hearing damage happens over decades, gradually and silently – and failure to protect against or recognize damage from hazardous noise can cause life-long consequences. And once your hearing is gone, it’s not coming back.

Unless you’re wearing your hearing protection properly and for the correct amount of time, you’re only getting a fraction of the protection you need. Though it’s not reversible, hearing loss is preventable. It’s time to get the hearing protection you deserve.

This hearing brochure will walk you through HexArmor’s approach to hearing protection safety – from wearability, to why proper fit is so important, to how to avoid overprotection.

In this brochure, you’ll learn:

  1. What sets HexArmor's hearing protection apart from the competition
  2. How to best protect you and your workers from hearing loss
  3. Why proper fit is so important for injury mitigation and compliance
  4. How to properly insert your hearing protection

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