Combat more than just the cold

No one does comfort + protection in the cold like HexArmor®.


Seasons change. Safety doesn’t.

Whatever the weather throws at you, you can trust our insulated gloves to deliver tough protection against not just the elements but all the regular hazards you face on the job, too – all while combining exceptional comfort, dexterity, and fit better than anyone else on the market.

Rig Lizard Thin Lizzie 2091, Chrome Series 4086, Chrome SLT 4075W, Chrome SLT 4066W, and Helix 2077 show left to right.
Rig Lizard Thin Lizzie 2091, Chrome Series 4086, Chrome SLT 4075W, Chrome SLT 4066W, and Helix 2077 show left to right.

It’s a safety glove first, and we take that seriously

These aren’t your average winter gloves. We’ve packed in the same technology you know and love that put us on the map for hazard protection – superior grip, industry-leading cut protection, back-of-hand impact guards, and more – to protect against more than just the cold.

Go to cold resistant gloves with goatskin, leather, sandy nitrile, and TP-X® grip material.

Durable grip

From TP-X® to leather to nitrile, each grip is primed to meet wet and dry elements head-on.

Go to cold resistant gloves made with SuperFabric®.


Your answer for unmatched cut, puncture, and abrasion resistance no matter the task.

Go to cold resistant gloves with impact protection.

Impact protection

Industry-leading resistance to smashes and pinches even in the coldest temps.

“Subzero” gloves just aren’t cutting it these days

Worker comfort in the cold is affected by several outside factors that aren’t addressed by temperature ratings. That’s why we rely on a tried-and-true baseline for measuring thermal properties called the C-L-O, or CLO, rating system. For context, zero CLO corresponds to an unclothed person.

Underwear briefs:
0.04 CLO

0.09 CLO

0.35 CLO

Winter parka:
0.70 CLO

What CLO means in our most popular liner material, Thinsulate™

Our two Thinsulate™ liner options, C40 and C100, help trap and hold body heat, all without the bulky feel of traditional glove layering in the cold. To understand just how warm yet lightweight, powerful yet thin this insulation material is, we look to CLO.

C40 Thinsulate™ = 0.7 CLO

C40 Thinsulate™ protects against cold 7.78 times more than a t-shirt.

C100 Thinsulate™ = 1.3 CLO

C100 Thinsulate™ protects against cold 3.70 times more than a sweater.

See what cold weather liner is best for you

The right thermal protection is key, but keeping hands warm, dry, AND dexterous can be tricky. Sort through the cold weather liners below to see which one aligns with your environment and activity level.

Light thermal liner liner glove
Moisture wicked away from skin
Light thermal liner liner illustation Liner Insulating fibers
Body heat is retained

Light thermal liner

Ideal for cool temperatures

When temperatures are just starting to drop, light thermal liners are a great starting point for applications that only need occasional warmth or for cooler indoor workspaces.

C40 Thinsulate™ liner

Ideal for cold temperatures

C40 Thinsulate™ is an ultra-thin, high-activity liner designed to prevent overheating for hands frequently in motion, perfect for most cold conditions in the United States.

C100 Thinsulate™ liner

Ideal for freezing temperatures

C100 Thinsulate™ performs well in more extreme conditions where extra warmth is needed in lower temperatures, such as those found in parts of Canada, North Dakota, and Alaska.

H2X® liner

Ideal for wet and cold temperatures

Breathable and waterproof, our H2X® liner adds additional insulation from cold, wet environments, all while locking in warmth and keeping hands effortlessly dry.

Unmatched anti-fog protection is a must in the cold

When your warm breath and body heat collide with a cold climate, safety glasses can fog up in an instant. But not with our permanent anti-fog coatings. Chemically engineered to NOT wash off, choose from two specialized coatings to protect against moderate to heavy fogging on the job.

Fogged view of industrial plant through safety glasses without anti-fog coating. Without Anti Fog
Clear view of industrial plant through safety glasses with anti-fog coating. With Anti Fog

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Cold weather brochure

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Mother nature doesn’t stand a chance

Take control of your last line of defense against the cold with HexArmor’s cold weather PPE.