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Experience proven success from the top down with the HexArmor Shield® program.

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The HexArmor Shield® program

We deliver more than just PPE. Through our HexArmor Shield® program, we partner with companies to design a PPE safety program that specifically meets the needs of each application and hazard workers face in the field – with proven success from the top down.

By working side-by-side to implement these PPE and processes, we have impacted millions of man-hours of safe operation and millions of dollars in direct and in-direct savings through injury mitigation, operational efficiencies, cost savings, and improved employee productivity and morale.

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improve safety record image

Improve safety record

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Boost compliance

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Improve morale

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Lower costs

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Reduce SKUs

Supports procurement


Whether you are looking to reduce or consolidate SKUs, secure the most competitive pricing, or receive documented value and cost savings, we have you covered.

Supports end users

End users

You deserve PPE that doesn’t get in the way of you doing your job. Be a part of the selection process when picking PPE with Wearability® at the forefront of every design – the perfect balance of comfort, fit, performance, and style.

Supports safety professionals

Safety professionals

You need PPE for your crew that reduces injuries, boosts employee compliance, and increases morale. We'll work with you to update your job site assessments and help provide training and resources for employees and contractors.

Supports operations/management

Operations / management

You need a partner you can count on to help with increased productivity, improved employee morale, and documented improvements to your top and bottom lines.

What’s in it for you?

Value add services

Receive onsite assessments by QSSP-certified team members, best-practice and awareness training, cost modeling, program communication and ongoing support.


World class support

We have you covered: QSSP-certified regional managers across North and South America, product managers who sit on the ISEA board, and an in-house marketing team for custom program communication.

High-performance products. Innovative technologies.

Get access to purpose-built product solutions: Hand protection (multi-category), arm + body protection, safety helmet systems, permanent anti-fog eyewear and goggles, and hearing protection.


Watch how the HexArmor Shield® program works

5 real-world benefits of trusting us with your safety program

5 real-world benefits of trusting us with your safety program

We’ve fine-tuned this value-add service for over 20 years

We’ve fine-tuned this value-add service for over 20 years

Grow your relationship with end-users and distributors

Grow your relationship with end-users and distributors

Ready to get started?

At our core, we’re safety guides with one goal in mind: protecting people. The HexArmor Shield® program will take your PPE program from the last line of defense to a bright spot on your company’s safety and profitability statement.