Battle Blue Light with the Innovative CBR65 Lens Tint

The modern workplace has evolved. Bright artificial overhead lights that emit blue light are replacing old lighting systems, saving companies millions of dollars in energy costs. But there's a new cost on the line: workers' eye health. Combat the risks created by blue light exposure including eye strain, fatigue, loss of sleep, and potentially other more serious issues with the all-new CBR65 lens tint by HexArmor®. Check out the new CBR65 eyewear

Needlestick Protection For Public Safety

The opioid crisis is creating a real threat to those in public safety. As needlesticks become more prevalent, the threat of contracting a bloodborne disease as an officer, first responder, or correctional officer is on the rise. A comprehensive needle hazard protocol can not only provide significant cost savings for a department, but more importantly, it can help protect those who serve to protect us. Learn More

Helix Seamless Fit

Cut-resistance is in our DNA. It's who we are. We've spent more than a decade solving the toughest problems other manufacturers said couldn't be solved. Along the way, we've eliminated millions of hand injuries and subsequently, our customers started asking us for more high-quality glove solutions. They asked us to create a full line of the highest quality gloves covering the entire cut spectrum. Learn More