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The A1-A4 cut you've been waiting for

Meet our nine new Helix® gloves, each one fine-tuned to perform in various general-purpose tasks, all backed by HexArmor's quality and consistency.



It’s here: Meet our all-new full brim safety helmet

Combining traditional style with upgraded, worker-approved design, our made-in-the-USA helmet delivers the comfort, fit, and safety workers deserve.


True face shield compatibility starts with TruSpan®

Finally, a universal face shield that’s compatible with most safety helmets on the market, complete with tight-nested capabilities, permanent anti-fog technology, and no required assembly.

View of TruSpan universal face shield in the active position, showing the system as how it would appear in use.

Purpose-built safety solutions.
World-class partnership.

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Save money

Save thousands of dollars on injury costs and missed workdays by switching to our industry-leading lineup.

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Boost compliance

PPE that’s so comfortable and stylish, workers will want to wear it – and even forget to take off.

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Improve safety record

Keep your 'days since last injury' number on the rise with unmatched protection for any application.

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Increase productivity

Give workers the confidence to gear up safely – keeping them laser-focused on their task, not their PPE.

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Enhance morale

Safe workers are happy workers. Up your workplace morale with PPE that does what it says it will do.

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Reduce SKUs

Because our products are longer-lasting and higher-performing, you won’t need to stock as many SKUs.

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Join the HexArmor Shield® program

We deliver more than just PPE. Through our HexArmor Shield® program, we partner with companies to design a PPE safety program that specifically meets the needs of each application and hazard workers face in the field – with proven success from the top down.

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Send your workers home safe, every day

We aren’t just PPE. We’re the confidence, safety, and livelihood of those we protect.


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Hearing safety brochure

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Full product brochure

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Integrated PPE solution solves multiple issues | Utilities safety

Reduce workforce injuries to ZERO

Regardless of your industry, we’ve got the PPE expertise that can help boost compliance, optimize productivity, save money, and most importantly – reduce injuries. See how today.