Big Changes for 2016

New Cut Standards Graph

NEW ANSI/ISEA Cut Standards

2016 brings some significant changes to industry cut standards testing and methodology. HexArmor® is excited about these changes as they will more clearly define product cut performance. HexArmor gloves consistently lead the industry in cut resistance ratings and the new, expanded standards will further illustrate this.

ANSI/ISEA changes are in the final stages of approval. EN388 changes are in committee deliberation and due later this year.

Steel Shim Maintenance

Working with sharp hazards

Maintenance workers in refineries regularly use stainless steel slotted shims to level and maintain pumps, motors, and machines. While steel shims provide optimal efficiency in maintaining equipment, they also create a dangerous hazard for hands at work. Since pump and machine maintenance is an ongoing process, workers are constantly handling shims, which increases the potential for injury.

With the help of HexArmor®, an oil refining company was able to reduce laceration injuries to ZERO...