Protecting People

It’s more than PPE. It’s the confidence to gear up for a hard day’s work – and go home safe, every day.

Winter has met its match

When temperatures drop, your safety record does not have to. Learn what cold weather glove will help you gear up with confidence this winter.

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Truly permanent anti-fog

Struggling with fogging while wearing a mask or face covering? Experience industry-leading anti-fog safety eyewear built for the toughest fogging situations.

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Protect from the unexpected

Confidently handle tough jobs with safety gloves rated to protect against heat and electrical hazards, such as arc flash.

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The next big thing in safety is here

Learn more about what makes Ceros® safety helmets by HexArmor® unlike anything else on the market

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Reduce Workforce Injuries to ZERO

Regardless of your industry, we’ve got the PPE expertise that can help boost compliance, optimize productivity, save money, and most importantly – reduce injuries. See how today.

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