Purpose-built to take the heat

Introducing HeatArmor® – the new standard of high heat safety.


Never sacrifice safety and comfort again

Forget what you know about welding protection. Workers deserve a lineup of welding gear that’s purpose-built for out-of-the-bag comfort, incredible fit, and high-performance safety for any high-heat hazard you can fire at ‘em – and we made it happen with HeatArmor®.

Unrivaled performance with HeatHide® technology

No more brittle, stiff, or uncomfortable welding gloves, sleeves, or shields. Our proprietary HeatHide® leather keeps gear from breaking down better than anything else on the market. High heat and moisture don’t stand a chance.

Switch tasks, not your gloves

Our custom-built performance liners deliver 360-degree cut-resistant protection up to level A6, extra puncture and heat resistance, and even moisture-wicking capabilities. Now you can change tasks without changing out your gloves.

Enhanced protection in every single stitch

We’ve added highly heat-resistant aramid stitching, leather reinforcements in areas of common wear, and even impact protection to one of the gloves – everything you need when you’re up against high-heat applications.

Enhanced protection

#1 in comfort, no break-in required

Finally, the fit you deserve. Thinner liners, best-in-class leather, unbeatable dexterity – you name it, HeatArmor’s got it. Slide on a glove or a sleeve and feel the difference immediately.

“You can literally grab fire with the 5050”

Case study: See how this utility company found huge success while CAD welding with the HeatArmor® 5050, stating it was “one of the best gloves we’ve ever used.” Other leather brands got hot, melted, cracked, and stiffened instantly on contact.

$850 savings per day image

$850 savings per day

With no wait time to cool, the glove performance helped lead to huge savings.

lasted 10-times longer image

Lasted 10-times longer

Glove was still in use after a few months, with little to no visible damage.

20% increase in productivity image

20% increase in productivity

Workers were able to complete weld without stopping, increasing productivity.

Which welding gear is right for you?

Select a welding application to explore your options.

Enchanced protection

Nix the green weld tint for grey

Discover the next generation of weld specs – our all-new grey-tinted weld shades 1.7 and 3.0 deliver perfect color recognition while working around welds, complete with permanent anti-fog protection.


HexArmor® resources

Full product brochure

Full product brochure

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