Steps to begin a HexArmor® glove trial:

The HexArmor® Trial Program allows safety teams to work directly with HexArmor® Solution Specialists to recommend and implement high performance PPE solutions. HexArmor® PPE solutions deliver the highest protection levels on the market, and we want to work with you to help reduce injury and lower cost.

Steps for conducting a glove trial:

If you feel like you meet these criteria, fill out the form and a Solution Specialist will be in touch to discuss which product is the best fit for your application.

*Please note our trial request form is intended for qualifying companies only and not personal requests.

Companies with less than 15 employees may be eligible for a Guaranteed Trial Offer, which gives you an opportunity to purchase HexArmor® gloves to test with your crew. A HexArmor® Solutions Specialist will work with you to assess hazards, understand job applications, and collect feedback from your crew during the trial period to ensure that you have the best glove for the job.

During the trial period, if we determine that the specific glove chosen for the trial is not suited to your company’s needs, you may return the trial gloves in exchange for another model more suited to your application. Within 30 days, if the gloves don’t meet your needs, you may also be eligible for a refund.