Industrial trial program

Take the first step to help keep your people safe - this program allows safety teams to work directly with HexArmor® Solution Specialists to recommend and implement high performance PPE solutions.

Let HexArmor® help elevate your company's safety program

Work directly with a HexArmor® solution specialist to test and implement high performance PPE solutions.

Save money

Save thousands of dollars on injury costs and missed workdays by switching to our industry-leading lineup.

Boost compliance

PPE that’s so comfortable and stylish, workers will want to wear it – and even forget to take off.

Improve safety record

Keep your 'days since last injury' number on the rise with unmatched protection for any application.

Increase productivity

Give workers the confidence to gear up safely – keeping them laser-focused on their task, not their PPE.

Enhance morale

Safe workers are happy workers. Up your workplace morale with PPE that does what it says it will do.

Reduce SKUs

Because our products are longer-lasting and higher-performing, you won’t need to stock as many SKUs.

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By signing up for an industrial trial, you are in no way guaranteed to receive free HexArmor® PPE