Impact resistance

New standards for ranking your PPE

With the 2019 approval of the new ANSI/ISEA 138 Impact Standard, safety managers can now ask for standardized, detailed impact-resistant results in hand PPE.


Global standards

Understanding ISEA 138 & EN388 impact ratings

Though both have similar testing methods, the ISEA 138 and EN388 have different scoring and rating systems. Knowing the difference between these performance ratings is critical to help safety professionals make better-informed decisions about glove selection, ultimately keeping more people safe on the job. Learn how gloves are tested, scored, and rated under both standards.

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Energy divergence + time

With a full range of impact-resistant products and technologies, time becomes a critical measuring device to determine effective force reduction. Every fraction of a second counts. Select a HexArmor® product below and view the effects of impact in slow motion.

Impact-resistant technology

Stay prepared and protected from impact, smash, and pinch hazards with the most advanced technology on the market. Tested and updated under the ISEA 138 impact protection guidelines, HexArmor’s lineup of impact-resistant products feature three proprietary technologies that are proven to reduce the number and effects of injuries during sudden impacts.

We constantly evaluate our impact protection to the highest level of safety – and then some. Our cutting-edge technologies swiftly absorb and redistribute energy away from the hand and finger bones during an impact, while simultaneously offering more comfort and dexterity than any other impact-resistant technology on the market. Featured on several HexArmor® glove styles, this is the next generation of impact protection.

PPE options

As with any PPE decision, working with a Safety Solutions Specialist and trialing any product is of utmost importance. Need help selecting the right balance of impact resistance and other protective properties to best suit your tasks?

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