Wearability® in every single frame

Safety eyewear with the perfect balance of comfort, fit, performance, and style

From design to delivery – we do it all in house

Most safety glasses brands outsource their manufacturing. We take matters into our own hands – using your feedback and ideas, and our in-house design and manufacturing – to deliver a fundamentally-different product that keeps you performing at your best.


Unrivaled anti-fog coatings that don’t wash off

No matter your application, find the perfect amount of anti-fog and scratch-resistant coverage you need— exactly where you need it— with one of our four fundamentally different, permanent coatings.


Ideal for multipurpose and dirty environments

Exterior: Scratch resistance

Interior: Anti-fog


Ideal for hot to cold temperature transitions

Exterior: Anti-fog and scratch resistance

Interior: Anti-fog and scratch resistance


Ideal for extreme outdoor environments

Exterior: Scratch resistance

Interior: Dual action anti-fog


Ideal for direct fog or steam environments

Exterior: Dual action anti-fog

Interior: Dual action anti-fog

TruShield® coating

How our hydrophilic coatings work

All HexArmor® permanent anti-fog coatings are hydrophilic, so when fog hits the lens it absorbs into the coating – eliminating fog completely. Competitor coatings are hydrophobic, causing fog to spread as it hits the lens – compromising vision and compliance. View the science in action below.

HexArmor® hydrophilic coatings

Traditional hydrophobic coatings

Seconds to fog
Number of washes

* One wash is equal to cleaning by thumb with rotary movement and medium pressure under running warm water for five seconds

After a number of washes, our competition just fades away

The biggest lie in anti-fog coating protection: they’re all permanent. There’s only one, and we’ve proven it. HexArmor’s durable coatings are four-times thicker than the competition and chemically engineered to NOT wash off – even after 60+ washes.*

Unmatched anti-fog protection with gasketed eyewear

When you need more coverage to protect from dirt and debris, this elite lineup of lightweight gasketed eyewear options are engineered with permanent anti-fog coatings, superior comfort, and style for any application.

Protect your eyes from harmful blue light

Stop eye strain, fatigue, and potentially other more serious issues with CBR65®, HexArmor’s revolutionary tint that blocks up to 50% of harmful blue light. Are you or your workers at risk of exposure? Assess my workspace.

Fastest transition times in the industry

From dark to light and light to dark, Variomatic lenses automatically adapt to changing UV light, transitioning to a dark tint when outdoors and returning to clear when indoors or in the shade – giving you two safety eyewear styles in one.

  • 87% light transmission
  • 10 seconds to dark
  • 14% light transmission

Optical Class 1 clarity across the entire lens

Prevent headaches, eye strain, and eye fatigue with premium Optical Class 1 clarity on every piece of eyewear.

Watch video

Premium tints for every environment

Sunlight, dim interiors, blinding snow, blue light – all kinds of lighting in the workplace brings its own set of challenges. The right tint makes a big difference when it comes to your safety and productivity. We have you covered with several different options.

without tint image Without Amber
with tint image With Amber
without tint image Without Grey 23%
with tint image With Grey 23%
without tint image Without Grey 14%
with tint image With Grey 14%
without tint image Without Silver mirror 53%
with tint image With Silver mirror 53%
without tint image Without Silver mirror 12%
with tint image With Silver mirror 12%
without tint image Without CBR65®
with tint image With CBR65®
without tint image Without Welding 3.0
with tint image With Welding 3.0

A fit for every face and preference

Safety eyewear should never be treated as one size fits all, which is why you need a lineup of various frame styles focused on Wearability® — the perfect balance of comfort, fit, performance, and style.













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