protecting people.
protecting planet.

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Committed to a better tomorrow

At HexArmor®, we’re working to drive change in our workforce, product manufacturing, and community to strengthen the future for the next generation. We’re learning, growing, and committed to making changes for a better tomorrow for all workers by providing industry-changing PPE backed by eco-friendly practices.

leaf image
leaf image
using green product
of products used
within our facility are
Green Products
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saving trees
trees are saved
annually through
warehouse recycling
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bottles image
bottles image
reducing plastic waste
plastic water bottles
are diverted from
landfills by using
refillable water bottles
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reusing shipping containers
of inbound cartons
are reused for
outbound shipments
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boxes image
boxes image
recycling cardboard
tons of cardboard are
recycled annually

Products made with the planet in mind

From sustainable bamboo fibers to recycled materials and carbon-neutral manufacturing, we’re continuing to explore ways to reduce our environmental impact and use renewable resources in our design, development, and manufacturing processes.

Bamboo bound for unbeatable comfort and durability

The first-of-its-kind Helix® 3055 Bamboo TwinFlex® glove, made with natural bamboo viscose fibers in a CO2 neutral facility, pushes the limits of cooling comfort and unmatched durability.


From plastic bottle to protective glove

We’ve leveraged the power of plastic to create the Helix® 3050 — made from recycled plastic water bottle materials, resulting in a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions.

The world’s most sustainable earplug manufacturer

Manufacturing 1,000 HexArmor® earplugs generates no more waste than the grounds in one coffee filter. Plus, our Swedish facility produces zero carbon emissions and is the first in the PPE sector to be audited and approved in accordance with ISO 26000 – Social Responsibility.


Industry-leading technology. Drastic waste reduction.

Cheaper disposable eyewear often ends up in the trash after one use – but HexArmor’s permanent coating technology and premium components significantly prolongs eyewear lifespan to reduce PPE waste.

Durable arm protection that lasts 20x longer

SuperFabric® brand material provides unmatched durability when it comes arm guards – often times lasting 20x longer than typical Kevlar® sleeves – helping drastically decrease PPE waste at worksites.


protecting people

Business is people. Without a commitment to equitable work practices,
worker safety, and a sense of community and meaningful work, we cannot be successful.


Take responsibility with us

As we continue to learn and strive towards more sustainable practices, please contact us if you have any questions regarding our efforts. Or, dive right into viewing our eco-friendly PPE line up.