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Raising the bar in head protection technology

With three distinct styles between Ceros® XA and Ceros® XP, our robust family of safety helmets deliver superior comfort, stability, style, and safety for the most holistic head protection on the market. Available in ANSI/ISEA Type 1 protection with select styles in Class C and Class E.

Five HexArmor Ceros safety helmets lined up according to their style, including cap-style, climbing-style, and full brim. Some are complete with accessories.

The next generation of safety helmet suspension systems

Ceros® safety helmets come standard with technologically-advanced, premium suspension systems that are pre-assembled so you can gear up and go — comfortably and safely.

Kinetix® suspension system

Only available in our XA250 safety helmet, our never-before-seen, patented Kinetix® suspension machine delivers nearly twice the ANSI/ISEA force transmission requirement for Type 1 safety helmets.

Learn more about Kinetix® technology

AirBridge® suspension system

Available in all XP safety helmets, our premium four-point or six-point AirBridge® suspension system is ultrasonically welded, pre-assembled, and ready to wear right out of the bag – upping comfort and ease-of-use.

Learn more about AirBridge® technology

Click and go. It’s that easy.

Add, remove, and adjust your accessories in seconds. With Click-and-Go® magnetic face shields and earmuffs, you’re good to go when you hear the “click” – a North American safety industry first.

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The only proven fog-free face shield coating on the market

Keep vision completely clear with our TruShield® permanent anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating, chemically engineered to NOT wash off your face shield – even after 60+ washes. Learn more about TruShield® technology.

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helmet with faceshield

True face shield compatibility starts here

Our TruSpan® universal face shield doesn’t just adapt to our Ceros® XP helmets… It's truly compatible with multiple competitive helmets, including MSA V-Gard, Bullard C30, 3M H700, Honeywell Fibre Metal, and more, to deliver close-fitting face protection. Plus, you can use with select slot-adapted earmuffs for a fully integrated system.

View of TruSpan universal face shield nesting tightly against the top of a safety helmet, with no catch hazards.

Tight-nesting capabilities

TruSpan® can tightly nest on top of the helmet for more compact, balanced comfort – reducing neck strain and eliminating catch hazards.

View of TruSpan universal face shield in the active position, showing the system as how it would appear in use.

Easy to add and remove

TruSpan® can easily attach and detach without removing headgear from helmet – an industry first and HexArmor® exclusive.

View of TruSpan universal face shield as a separate accessory to showcase the universal capability.

Universal compatibility

Pre-assembled and ready for immediate use in seconds, TruSpan’s adaptable frame is designed for most full brim and cap-style safety helmets.

Ventilation that moves the way you do

With the HexVent® airflow system, air moves front to back for a natural cooling sensation when workers are in motion and can be adjusted to control airflow – a North American safety industry first.

More stability + balance

With integrated, tightly nested accessories, Ceros® offers ergonomically correct, true center of gravity head protection that feels lighter and more balanced than anything on the market.

balanced center of gravity

Your safety helmet, your way

From increased visibility to ensuring your employees’ equipment matches your corporate identity, HexArmor® gives you the option to customize all Ceros® safety helmets.

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Ceros® safety helmet brochure

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