It's time to put Wearability® first

Premium comfort comes standard

Wearability® equals compliance, which is why Ceros® safety helmet materials were engineered to raise industry standards in comfort and fit. Take a quick look inside the safety helmet and you’ll see for yourself.

SwiftLock® Wheel Ratchet

Changing the sizing is simple with the HexArmor SwiftLock® one-hand-turn wheel ratchet. Removeable, comfortable padding also envelopes the ratchet for full 360-degree head ring comfort.

HexVent® airflow system

Ventilation that moves the way you do

With the HexVent® airflow system, a North American safety industry first, air moves front to back, giving the wearer a cool sensation while in natural motion over the course of the day. Vents can be opened and closed to control the amount of airflow or to prevent dust and debris from entering, when needed.

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Maximum coverage

Head protection designed to protect your central command center

The back-of-head shape of Ceros® safety helmets provides up to 17% more back-of-head coverage against hazards, falling or deflected debris than typical hard hats. Ceros® protects your entire command center – including the lower part of your brain, the cerebellum – where voluntary action movements like posture, balance, coordination and speech are coordinated.

without tint image Without Polarized
with tint image With Polarized

More stability + balance

Seamlessly integrated safety helmet system

Ceros® safety helmets offer ergonomically correct, true center of gravity head protection that feels lighter and more stable than anything on the market. Integrated, tightly nested accessories allow for streamlined positioning and weight distribution that increases security and balance. When your safety helmet and accessories work as a system - not as separate components - you'll keep fatigue and neck strain at an all-time low - and productivity high.

When every second counts

From the second you receive your safety helmet to the seconds it takes you to use your accessories, every aspect of your experience with Ceros® has been considered.

Pre-assembled AirBridge® six-point suspension system = increased speed and safety.

Click-and-Go® magnetic technology – A North American safety industry first. You’re good to go when you hear the "click."

Greater visibility

Our XP long brim matches the short brims of most other hard hat manufacturers. Our XP short brim provides more upward visibility, critical for jobs that require overhead work.

Unrivaled anti-fog and scratch-resistant face shields

Ceros® face shields are purpose-built to sit comfortably close to the face for more protection and to avoid being a catch hazard. Vision is kept completely clear with a TruShield® permanent anti-fog coating on the inside of the face shield and a scratch-resistant hard coat on the outside. Learn More.

Integrated Eyewear System (IES)

With this system, HexArmor® MX200 safety eyewear can be pushed up inside the Ceros® XP safety helmet or pulled down to sit on the nose. The sliding element stays central so that even when the safety helmet is impacted, it’s not transferred to the eyewear, ensuring the best possible protection for the wearer.


Your safety helmet, your way

HexArmor® gives you the option to customize all Ceros® safety helmets, ensuring your employees' equipment matches your corporate identity.