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While searching for a wire-cutting tool with safety features to reduce slice injuries, an Ohio-based power and lighting company was continually unable to find such a product to meet their needs. A local team leader suggested they view hand PPE as a tool; based on these suggestions they were able to begin finding solutions.

Purpose-built safety solutions

An online search led the team leader to the HexArmor® site, where he was able to get in contact with a Solutions Specialist. An in-depth review of the company’s particular uses and applications led to a recommendation for the Chrome Series® 4025 with 360° ANSI/ISEA cut level A8.

Many of the hazards faced by the field technicians originated from frequent cutting and handling of insulated copper wire. The cutting tools used for this application had a tendency to slip during use – often resulting in a laceration to the back of the technician’s hand.

For this reason, the SuperFabric® brand material protection in the 4025 would need to encompass the entire hand – not just the palm.

Additionally, the utility company had frequently experienced issues with steel wire rope, which would fray and create a danger for the technicians.

Superior cut and puncture protection

Field testing of the Chrome Series® 4025 held true to the HexArmor® standards of safety and quality. While repairing a transformer, the technician wearing the gloves caught the sharp end of a #2 copper wire in between the thumb and index finger on his right hand. 

The exterior fabric was torn immediately, but the copper wire was stopped by the full-hand layer of SuperFabric®, saving the technician from what would have been a severe laceration.

Upon review of the glove, the technician stated that the Chrome Series® 4025 “enhanced [his] ability to complete a specific task,” “holds up well,” and that he “strongly agreed that the glove was superior to similar available products.”

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