Atlantic Constructors experience fog-free vision in humidity and heat

Atlantic Constructors experience fog-free vision in humidity and heat

In a recent study* with manufacturing, construction, service, and retail workers, 100% of participants reported fogging as a major factor for not wearing their PPE on the job. Many times, due to body heat, workers are unable to see clearly with their fogged-up safety eyewear, so naturally, they take them off. In the same study, 55% said that if their safety eyewear had working anti-fogging technology, they'd comply with wearing it. This was the case with Atlantic Constructors out of Roanoke, VA.

The problem

Atlantic Constructors' employees working in general construction, pipefitting, welding, rigging, and HVAC were experiencing fogging issues on the inside of their lenses with their current safety eyewear, mostly due to body heat.

As a result, employees were taking off their safety glasses and wearing them on top of their heads instead of over their eyes, creating a compliance issue.

The trial + solution

Tim Compton Atlantic Constructors' Sheetmetal Superintendent, went searching for high-performing anti-fog safety glasses and found HexArmor while searching for "best anti-fog glasses" online. Fortunately, HexArmor® safety glasses appeared as one of the first search results for anti-fog. Curious, Tim filled out a contact form and worked with a HexArmor® Solutions Specialist to start a trial.

Based on the application and environment, the Solution Specialist suggested Tim and his team trial the MX200G and MX300 safety glasses with TruShield® anti-fog coating technology. TruShield® has anti-fog protection on the inside of the lens, and a scratch-resistant hard coat on the outside of the lens.

The feedback

After trialing the eyewear for just three days, Tim was impressed that HexArmor's anti-fog coatings were living up to their promise.

"On Monday, I had some guys working in the back of the shop, and needless to say it was 100% humidity, and it was 90+ degrees outside. I thought to myself, 'This would be an excellent opportunity to try out the anti-fogging safety glasses.' I am here to tell you they passed with flying colors," Tim said.

"In 30+ years in the business, I have never seen safety glasses not fog up in those conditions! An amazing product to say the least. Been very impressed so far."

Want to see how HexArmor® can help you keep your employees safe, prevent safety eyewear fogging, and maximize employee compliance? Request a trial today.


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