Blade changing injury avoided | Pulp & paper safety

Blade changing injury avoided | Pulp & paper safety

A backtender at a paper mill based in Virginia had finished changing out a set of doctor blades and made his way to his superintendent's office to exchange his dirty Chrome Series® 4026 cut-resistant work gloves for a clean pair.

When he removed the gloves, he noticed a large cut in the synthetic leather palm, leaving the SuperFabric® brand material exposed. The back-tender left with a new pair of gloves but before doing so left a remark to the superintendent, "I guess they work."

How injury was avoided

During an outage, this employee had been tasked with changing the doctor blades on the line’s dryer cans. Doctor blades are sharp edges used in the paper industry to guide lengths of pulp and paper through a series of massive rollers, or dryer cans.

Working rapidly had caused him to overlook the hazard that came in contact with his palm; one of the blades had slid right along the synthetic leather of the glove, cutting it cleanly, but not causing any harm to his hand.

HexArmor® manufactures the Chrome Series® 4026 with an advanced version of SuperFabric®, which prevented the potential physical injury to the worker’s hand.

HexArmor® provides needed protection from cut hazards

Had he not been wearing these gloves,” said the General Manager, “we are sure the employee would have cut his palm and required several stitches.”

Instead, the employee was able to return immediately to his duties. Not even a first aid treatment was necessary.

You can easily see where the outer material is cut, but the inside protective layer appears undamaged.”

Chrome Series® 4026

With 20 times greater cut resistance than a standard leather glove, The HexArmor® Chrome Series® provides unmatched protection, keeping employees’ hands safe from the most dangerous worksite laceration hazards.

With a constantly expanding product line, HexArmor® also has the specific PPE to meet any safety challenge and continues to improve the technology that drives the industry’s highest standards.

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