YULEYS® boot covers increase sustainability in telecom co.

YULEYS® boot covers increase sustainability in telecom co.

Brooke Telecom, a rural independent telecommunication company in SW Ontario, sees a huge improvement in sustainability while using YULEYS® by HexArmor.®

The issue

Field technicians at Brooke Telecom conduct multiple service calls each day which includes going onsite to a customer’s

residence or business to install and/or maintain equipment. Each site visit involves technicians to slip boot covers on and off multiple times to pick up equipment from the truck.

The boot covers they were using were made of neoprene, however, techs noticed they did not last long, and moisture would often leak out or they would tear.

Additionally, while overseeing projects in the field, Matthew Trout, the Outside Plant Manager, started hearing field technicians talk about how kneeling to put on/take off boot covers gets awfully tiresome after a while. A new solution was needed.

The solution

Matt was up to the challenge of finding a good quality boot cover that covered different boots and contained moisture. Because slips and falls are a big concern on the job, it was also important for him to find a boot cover that didn’t get slippery when wet. Beforehand the tech would normally slip their boots/off which created a safety hazard.

Luckily, their Health and Safety rep did some research and found YULEYS® by HexArmor.® YULEYS® reusable boot and shoe covers are designed to prevent debris, dirt, and other contaminants from being tracked into sanitary environments and foreign object debris from damaging high-value assets.

yuleys reusable shoe boot

The result

Once the field technicians tried YULEYS,® they were sold. YULEYS® gave technicians the ability to step in and out of the boot covers without bending down or using their hands, which makes transitions from the truck to the customer site much faster and easier, especially if their hands are full.

When asked about how he liked YULEYS,® Matt said that the overall cost savings of disposable boot covers versus reusable boot covers like YULEYS® is huge. He was also happy at how long-lasting they are.

Cost savings table shows how five workers wearing yuleys for one year is $212 and disposable booties is $1,500.

“Don’t let the initial cost keep you from purchasing these. These boot covers last forever, are very durable, easy to clean, and very low maintenance… making them a very economical solution long term,” said Matt.

He also praised the customer service saying, “We were looking for the boot riser to install in the back of some of our boot covers and despite not being a readily available product, they went and searched and found some and provided these for us at no extra cost. Excellent customer service and assistance in getting the right boot cover size.”

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