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One of the first rules of machine shop safety is to remove gloves when operating a drill press or other milling machines. Clothing, including safety gloves, can easily become caught in the machine, pulling the operator's hands into danger.

In January 2013, Mr. Fernandez, a veteran machinist in California was operating an end mill using a 5/16 cutter. In a rush to complete his work, he left his mechanic's gloves on. His left index finger was quickly pulled into the spinning blades.

HexArmor® saves worker’s finger

“I could feel the end mill’s blades on the top of my finger,” said Fernandez. “My reflexes caused my arm to jerk back suddenly, tearing the gloved hand away from the cutter... I thought for sure that when I removed the glove, I would be seeing a bloody mess.”

As the end mill blades shredded the synthetic leather on Fernandez’s HexArmor® Chrome Series® 4023, the 360° SuperFabric® layer underneath deflected each cut, keeping Fernandez’s index finger completely untouched.

“The cutter shredded the outer layer of the glove and pulled in the excess material,” said Fernandez. “The inner, cut-resistant layer was literally unscratched. I was amazed.”

“I handle all kinds of metals, sharp objects, and heavy items daily, and have tried several name brand mechanic’s gloves. Some I liked better than others, but all have at one point or another fallen apart on me,” said Fernandez.

“I will be sure to buy all my future pairs of safety gloves through HexArmor. I don’t know what that stuff is made of, but I am sure the technology is not from Earth.”

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