Chester Zoo increases biosecurity and reduces waste with YULEYS®

Chester Zoo increases biosecurity and reduces waste with YULEYS®

Zoo environments rely on biosecurity protocols, such as shoe covers, to avoid contamination across areas for a range of species. However, with prior single-use disposable shoe covers being used so frequently, see how Chester Zoo was able to save time and money, reduce waste, and increase sustainability by switching to YULEYS®.

The issue

Chester Zoo was using countless single-use disposable shoe covers daily to follow their biosecurity protocols, as a new pair was required to be used when moving between the areas where a different species was located.

Due to the high use, the charity Zoo started looking to identify a sustainable and easy-to-use alternative to multiple pairs of work boots or disposable shoe covers, which would also enable better biosecure management of a range of species to a range of different biosecurity standards.

The solution

A decade-long partner, 1-2-1 Animal Handling Products Ltd, who has provided Chester Zoo with a wide range of animal handling products as well as protective PPE for staff, first brought YULEYS® to Chester Zoo’s attention.

“Chester Zoo is our most treasured customer,” a representative from 1-2-1 Animal Handling Products Ltd said. The representative contacted the Zoo to talk about considering using YULEYS®, stating that this “incredible product would make a real dent in the single-use waste produced by the Zoo”.

After contacting HexArmor®, a YULEYS® trial was started in two areas with the highest turnover of single-use plastic shoe covers, with each team member working in those areas using their own set, along with several visitor spares.

The trial was successful, and the Zoo decided to order YULEYS® thanks to the go-ahead from several senior members of the zoo’s animal team.

YULEYS® were implemented in the Zoo’s Primate and Herpetology sections, including bio-secure pods for critically endangered Bermuda skinks (Plestiodon longirostris), Bermuda snails (Poeciliozonites sp), and Partula snails (Partula sp), to minimize any chance of cross-contamination between species.

The result

Used every day, a rep from the Zoo says that “everyone is very happy with them,” finding that YULEYS® allow wearers to keep within biosecurity protocols and reduce consumption of single-use plastic shoe covers. As a bonus, having spares readily available allows visitors to keep within these protocols and reduce waste as well.

The staff particularly like how easy they are to use and work in, stating “it is much easier not having to change from one set of footwear to another or applying shoe coverings” and the benefits they provide in terms of sustainability are incredible. Additional positive feedback states that YULEYS® are easy to store and clean and, in turn, helps keep the floor of their bio-secure pod cleaner as this requires less frequent mopping.

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