From three glove layers to one with HexArmor® | Fluid injection resistance

Customer trials Hercules® 400R6E with outstanding results – saving them time and money.

The issue

A company that manufactures aluminum parts via a ceramic mold uses a high-pressure water jet in a concealed environment to detach the ceramic cast from the aluminum. The water jet blasts up to 4000psi during work functions, and without the proper protection, this can cause detrimental injuries to workers’ hands and fingers.

Workers were wearing a combination of three different gloves to provide adequate protection against the water jet, which not only limited efficiency and dexterity but was causing detriment to productivity, forcing them to outsource jobs – until they discovered HexArmor® gloves.

The HexArmor® solution

The customer started trialing the Hercules® 400R6E by HexArmor®, which provides 360° ANSI/ISEA cut level A9 resistance with SuperFabric® brand material, an exclusively-licensed product to HexArmor®, complete with an extended gauntlet-style cuff.

For the trial, they filled the glove with wax to replicate the hand and then blasted it with the jet several times.

Not only did the glove stand up to the 4000psi, but it was able to stay intact at over 6000psi, significantly surpassing their current glove protection with the use of only one glove.

Now, this customer can keep their high-water pressure work in-house instead of outsourcing, ultimately saving them time and money while keeping morale high.

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