Over the past two and a half years as the Director of Safety at Granger Waste Services, a Michigan-based waste and recycling hauler, John Parmer had seen a lot of safety eyewear come in and out of Granger's facilities. Associates were doing a good job of wearing their PPE over their eyes, but each person had a different low-cost version of what they liked best. John and Angie Schwab, Granger's Safety Coordinator, were faced with a bigger issue outside of the multiple brands of safety eyewear they were utilizing - they could not keep up with the demand of the amount of eyewear that was needed. Performance and cost were becoming an issue. 

Learn more about how HexArmor® helped Granger Waste Services improve the performance and longevity of their safety eyewear; streamlining their program to help keep associates safe, comfortable and compliant. 

Granger Improves Performance and Longevity with HexArmor Eyewear