HexArmor® solves fogging problem for large cheese manufacturer

HexArmor® solves fogging problem for large cheese manufacturer

At HexArmor®, we’re passionate about being problem solvers. A big part of that commitment means creating the highest quality PPE on the market. We consistently test our products against other brands and in extreme environments to ensure we’re delivering on that promise. A cheese manufacturer in Wisconsin gave us the opportunity to do just that.

The problem

Workers in the facility were having trouble with fogging being created on the inside of their lens from body heat. While they knew it was important to keep their safety eyewear on, their fogging eyewear made it nearly impossible to see. Inevitably they’d end up taking their eyewear off or putting it on top of their head, creating a safety and compliance issue.

The facility’s current anti-fog safety eyewear solution, Uvex by Honeywell’s HydroShield®, would work right out of the box, but over time the anti-fog coating would diminish. The facility experienced similar results with anti-fog sprays and wipes.

While looking for a better solution, the safety resource analyst at the facility was introduced to HexArmor® Safety Eyewear through their PPE distributor.

The trial + solution

After working side-by-side with HexArmor® and their distributor, the facility decided to trial HexArmor’s VS350 and LT300 safety goggles with TruShield®S coating. HexArmor’s safety goggles were trialed head-to-head against 50 samples of Uvex by Honeywell’s safety eyewear (with their HydroShield® anti-fog coating), the product they were currently using in their production facilities.

HexArmor’s TruShield®S is ideal for environments with a high degree of dirt or debris and environments where body heat causes the interior of the lenses to fog. TruShield®S dual-coated lenses have a dual-action proprietary anti-fog coating on the interior of the lens and a scratch-resistant hard coat on the exterior of the lens.

The feedback

After completing the trial, the head-to-head results spoke for themselves. Workers who participated in the four months of testing “loved the HexArmor® safety goggles,” stating they were “the best they have ever worn.”

The cheese facility’s safety resource analyst agreed. “In 35 years, I’ve never seen anything like this,” he explained. “I am glad we finally found a product that does what it’s advertised to do.”

Up until this point, the facility’s fogging problem had remained unsolved. Now, after trialing with HexArmor,® all the cheese manufacturer’s facilities have implemented HexArmor® safety eyewear.

What makes HexArmor® safety eyewear different?

  1. Wearability®
  2. German-manufacturing
  3. Owning the whole design and manufacturing process from concept to creation. We ARE the manufacturer.
  4. Complete optical clarity across the entire lens
  5. Proprietary coatings

With HexArmor,® high-performing, comfortable, properly-fitting eyewear is possible. With Wearability designed into every pair of safety eyewear, workers find the perfect balance of comfort, fit, performance, and style; it’s what keeps workers wearing their safety eyewear.

HexArmor’s safety eyewear line offers complete, consistent, wearable protection across the board. We’re committed to high-comfort design and technology, proprietary anti-fog coatings that do not wash off, uncompromised scratch-resistance, and complete protection no matter the task -- all factors that positively affect worker compliance.

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