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A South American petroleum drilling and maintenance company has taken significant steps in recent years to improve overall worker safety. With a crew of more than 1,200 workers, implementing a comprehensive safety program is a large undertaking, and they committed to both high-quality PPE and rigorous training for all workers. However, accidents can happen even when workers are properly trained and safety programs are in place, and in the summer of 2014 one worker learned this firsthand.

Due to the nature of the work, hand protection is a critical part of any mining safety program. Hand protection for miners is difficult to perfect because of the varied applications each worker performs, but with the right team in place and a commitment to safety, anything is possible.

Three injuries in one day

Prior to trialing HexArmor® gloves, a Virginia mining company experienced three injury incidents related to workers’ hands in one day. Through a process of trial and error, the company tested several gloves from different manufacturers, but none provided sufficient protection for the extreme working environments.

After struggling to find a solution that provided the protection and the adaptability to work on diverse worksite applications, they reached out to HexArmor®.

HexArmor® worked with the company to develop a glove based on their specifications – durable grip, cut, puncture, and impact protection – and began a trial with 20 workers. When the workers turned in their gloves for inspection, HexArmor® specialists noticed unexpected wear on the palm area and sent a product development crew from Michigan to visit the mines to determine the issue and find a solution.

Commitment on both sides

The HexArmor® crew went underground to determine the cause of the unexplained wear to the palms.

By observing and documenting the workers performing their daily tasks, HexArmor® determined that the increased wear was caused by a hot drill bit that had to be changed every few minutes. When workers grabbed the bit, it melted the palms of the gloves.

Product success comes from customer feedback

Once diagnosed, the problem was a quick fix. HexArmor® introduced the miners to the Rig Lizard® 2025, a glove with impact protection, cut and puncture resistance, high-dexterity, and a TP-X+® palm that withstand high-temperature applications.

This solution would not have been found without the opportunity to visit the mine and the support and feedback from the mining company.

The mining industry hasn’t seen a glove innovation like the Rig Lizard in years, and it has the potential to increase the safety at this Virginia mine, while also changing the entire industry.

The Rig Lizard® 2025

The Rig Lizard® 2025 stands out from other Rig Lizards, with the highest level of abrasion resistance and cut resistance in the series. The TP-X+® palm provides exceptional grip in oil-based situations and even offers some heat resistance.

Combine those features with an interior layer of ANSI/ISEA cut level A6 SuperFabric® brand material, and this glove is ready for action. And with the traditional IR-X® back-of-hand impact design, your hands are protected from potential smash injuries.

  • HexArmor® equips each Rig Lizard® glove with our proprietary IR-X® impact-resistance technology, with twice the resiliency than the leading competitor.
  • Many hazards can be eliminated with the enhanced TP-X® synthetic grip employed by the Rig Lizard® gloves. Additionally, this type of palm construction allows for the highest level of dexterity, so range of motion remains uncompromised.

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