HexArmor’s climbing-style helmet delivers 22% cost savings

HexArmor’s climbing-style helmet delivers 22% cost savings

Climbing-style safety helmets are growing in popularity. Although there is currently no U.S. standard for “climbing style” or “at-height” safety helmets, there is a European mountaineering helmet standard – EN12492 – that requires safety helmets to meet several rigorous tests. “Climbing style” safety helmets are usually ANSI Type 1 safety helmets with climbing style features that meet all or a portion of the EN12492 standard.

See how new mandates at this company showcase how safety helmets are trending toward climbing style in the field.

The problem

A large construction engineering company released new requirements for safety helmets on their job sites: all safety helmets must be ANSI-approved Type I or Type II helmets that meet or exceed ANSI Standard Z89.1-2014.

If a Type I helmet is used, they must meet EN12492 shock absorbing capacity (clauses,, and

The solution

Site visits by a HexArmor® Regional Sales Manager were performed and field trials were conducted with HexArmor’s new Ceros® XA250 climbing-style safety helmet.

The XA250 includes climbing-style features and delivers technologically advanced, Class C head protection for all workers. Inside you’ll find HexArmor’s revolutionary Kinetix® suspension system, a simple machine that diverts and slows down impact trauma, delivering nearly twice the ANSI/ISEA requirement for impact force transmission in Type 1 safety helmets.

Ceros XA250 safety helmet with descriptive text about features.

After overwhelmingly positive reviews, the XA250 was implemented due to it meeting the Type I helmet and EN12492 shock-absorbing clauses and providing cost savings.

The result

  • Improved safety: The XA250 meets the ANSI Type I Z89.1-2014 standard as well as meets the EN12492 shock absorbing capacity (clauses,, and
  • Reduced cost: On average the cost of the XA250 is 22% less than competitive options.
  • Boosted compliance: Employees were directly involved with the field trial and selection process which allowed them a voice in the decision to move to the XA250.

The XA250 accommodates our Click-and- Go® magnetic accessories for a seamlessly integrated, customizable safety helmet, complete with vents for better climate control, a short brim for better visibility, and premium back-of-head impact foam to protect against slip and fall injuries.

Learn more about Ceros® XA250 safety helmets

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