IR-X impact protects drilling mechanic

IR-X impact protects drilling mechanic

Our relationship with the largest companies in the field of oil and gas, and mining, has given HexArmor an insight into the specific hazards that employees face on a daily basis.

This research led us to develop a series of gloves that address these specific safety concerns. The Rig Lizard® 2021X pairs our TP-X® palm with our revolutionary IR-X® impact protection, so workers are protected against industrial cut and puncture hazards, as well as smash injuries.

Creating solutions through relationships

This advantage was especially beneficial to the Memphis, Tennessee Layne Christensen location. On July 27th, one of their team members pulled on a pair of Rig Lizard® 2021X mechanic’s gloves and set to work with a non-reverse ratchet.

While performing routine maintenance on a motor, the ratchet slipped out of his hand and fell roughly two feet before the employee was able to react. He reached to grab it with his left hand – which slammed directly into the motor he was operating on.

Such an accident oftentimes ends in a serious injury, which leads to a filed report, a loss of time from the employee, as well as interrupting operations. Add the possibility of emergency response, and the direct cost of damage, combined with the injury location may have been facing anywhere from $12,000 - $15,000 for a single accident.

The HexArmor® difference

What would have otherwise been a medical emergency, and a costly lost-time injury was no more than a significant bruise on the injured hand.

In fact, thanks to the IR-X® protection of the Rig Lizard®, this employee was able to return to work immediately, and this incident was not filed as a recorded injury.

Product solutions

The Rig Lizard® line of products is the result of collaboration between safety leaders in the field and our HexArmor® Solution Specialists in the lab.

Test after test was conducted to uncover the most detrimental injuries, the most common on-site hazards, and the dangerous applications your PPE must face every day. The Rig Lizard® line employs two proprietary HexArmor® technologies:

  • IR-X® impact-resistant materials form an exoskeleton over the back of your hand, providing the highest level of impact protection on the market while maintaining optimal flexibility for high dexterity.
  • TP-X® synthetic palm technology utilizes top-level grip properties in addition to ANSI/ISEA Level 3 cut and Level 4 puncture protection.

Rig Lizard®: The best keeps getting better

The Rig Lizard® Series has set a new standard for oil and gas, and mining hand safety by providing maximum dexterity without sacrificing impact protection. And with a variety of grips for every application, these gloves were built for multitasking – precision when handling tools, pipes, and materials.

Our advanced TP-X® technology provides a strong grip on tools and pipes, while the IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton™ protects against potential blows to the back of hand. Combine these features with a breathable SlipFit® cuff, pre-curve design, double-stitched seams, and high-dexterity materials, and you’ve unlocked the protection needed for optimum performance.

Rig Lizard® 2021X

The original multipurpose tough glove, the Rig Lizard® 2021X matches the dexterity needed for daily tasks with a synthetic palm for superior grip. In addition to its protective properties, the Rig Lizard® 2021X is fully washable, highly visible, and extremely durable.

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