Large cheese company experiences increase in compliance with HexArmor® safety helmets

Large cheese company experiences increase in compliance with HexArmor® safety helmets

Finding a safety helmet that fits well and is comfortable is only the beginning – safety helmets with integrated accessory systems should be considered not only for ease of use but to keep you and your workers in compliance. Learn how Grande Cheese was able to take control of their head protection safety with HexArmor®.


Grande Cheese is a cheese manufacturing and distribution company. Their world-class cheeses and value-added whey products are made in the heart of America’s Dairyland, with facilities located throughout central and southeastern Wisconsin.

The issue

Workers were complaining that their face shields were fogging up due to body heat during work, and after looking into the situation, more issues were found. Workers were required to wear safety helmets at all times and face shields only for certain tasks.

Because the safety helmets and face shields they were using at the time did not operate together as a system, each was used as stand-alone PPE, causing workers to remove their safety helmets to wear the face shields, and then put the helmet back on after face shield use. This system left workers’ heads exposed while using the face shield and put reliance upon the worker to remember to put their helmet back on after use, which wasn’t always happening, leaving them out of compliance.

Not only was their PPE not working as a system, but workers were complaining that the safety helmets were too hot and that the heavy forward flip face shields were bulky and uncomfortable, causing a significant hassle to wear and use. Workers were also struggling to outfit and use multiple accessories at a time, such as hearing protection and a face shield. Each accessory had to be interchanged as needed, which not only caused a decrease in productivity and worker morale but left them out of compliance.

It’s a hard line to be pushed for safety when the products don’t work the way we need them to,” said Grande Cheese Health and Safety Manager, Kyle. “You ask an awful lot of someone and they struggle to just get the job done.”

The solution

Grande Cheese had already seen success with HexArmor’s fog-free safety eyewear, so Kyle decided to ask about a face shield with the same anti-fog coatings. This inquiry led to his team trialing HexArmor’s vented Ceros® XP250 safety helmet with the Click-and-Go® magnetic face shield. Eventually, hearing protection and goggle clips were added to create a seamlessly integrated PPE system. Once implemented, several improvements were documented.

The innovative front-to-back HexVent® ventilation system found on the XP250 was a huge success in keeping workers cooler during their shift. “The traditional hard hats were always too hot. We don’t have to sacrifice that any longer,” said Kyle.

The most significant difference came from the accessory use. With a permanent anti-fog coating on the interior of the face shield window and a scratch-resistant hard coat on the exterior, the lightweight Click-and-Go® magnetic face shields were able to sit comfortably close to the wearer’s face without fogging, and when pushed up on top of the safety helmet, the tightly-nested capabilities allowed for all-day use with better ergonomic balance and easy access to their accessory needs.

The Click-and-Go® magnetic earmuffs allowed workers to use hearing protection without having to remove the safety helmet. Additionally, the VS350 and LT300 goggles from Grande Cheese’s previous eyewear trial with HexArmor® could seamlessly be used alongside other accessories because of the goggle clip attachment on the safety helmet.

PPE shouldn’t be a hindrance on job tasks but a comfortable, efficient way to do those tasks safely. We now have on-demand use whenever we need it, without wondering where it is or how to use it. They like their new PPE and now we can hold them accountable to safety; we haven’t even had to think about it because they adopted regular use [of Ceros safety helmets] all on their own,” continued Kyle.

Ceros® XP250

  • Type I, Class C Safety Helmet with adjustable HexVent® airflow system
  • Short brim style, constructed of premium HDPE material
  • Pre-assembled, six-point AirBridge® suspension system
  • Easy-to-integrate Click-and-Go® magnetic accessories and mechanical accessories
  • Removable, moisture-resistant, synthetic leather sweatband
  • Customize with company logo, reflective elements, and more

Ceros® XP Click-and-Go® magnetic face shield kit

  • Fast, easy attachment, identified with a “click”
  • Comfortable, close fit to the face
  • Permanent TruShield® anti-fog coating on the inside and scratch-resistant hard coat on the outside
  • Tightly nested when on top of the helmet for less strain and more balance
  • Compatible with K1M Magnet earmuffs

The result

After a successful trial process, Grande Cheese locations in Wisconsin switched over to be outfitted with Ceros® safety helmets and Click-and-Go® magnetic accessories.

Kyle went on to say, “At the very minimum, try HexArmor products. We’ve put HexArmor side-by-side the world’s leading PPE manufacturers in numerous trials and HexArmor has always prevailed the leader.

HexArmor® is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance personal protective equipment (PPE) made with technologies that push the limits of cut, puncture, needle, and abrasion resistance. Our mission is simple: give you better products with better technology designed with end-user needs and collaboration. HexArmor® works with industries from oil and gas, to mining, food processing, and waste recycling to design the best working and most protective glove available today.

Learn more about Ceros® XP250 safety helmets

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