$1.8 million injury cost reduction with HexArmor®

$1.8 million injury cost reduction with HexArmor®

One of the largest steel producers in the world was experiencing a dangerous amount of laceration injuries per year. Sharp edges, corners, and burrs on flat-rolled product, scrap, metal bending, and threaded pipe were ripping through existing PPE. Safety professionals at the company tried a variety of PPE technologies to combat the high rate of lacerations. They were unable to find a solution to reduce injuries and lower costs associated with these hand and arm lacerations until HexArmor was brought in.

HexArmor® saves worker from injury

This steel producer trialed a variety of HexArmor® products in multiple production areas in an attempt to reduce their lacerations injuries and landed on using our AS019S arm guard and SteelLeather® 5033 glove.

Within just two weeks, our advanced PPE technology saved one worker from a serious injury.

"Two weeks into the trial, an employee in the pipe shop caught a burr on the threaded end of a pipe...it cut through the leather of the 5033 but was stopped by our advanced cut and puncture-resistant technology inside. The worker was not injured. They had seen this scenario many times before and it usually resulted in a cut. It was then that this client realized that many of their lacerations actually began with a puncture." says Dave G., HexArmor VP of Global Accounts.

The company expanded the trial after seeing proof of the HexArmor® product's ability to save a worker from an injury.

After 3 months, the steel producer had seen no injuries. After 12 months, still no injuries.

By the end of the year, the plant had implemented HexArmor® products in most departments, with the company's safety record reading:

  • 160+ lacerations per year average, reduced to ZERO
  • $1.8 million saved in injury costs
  • Safer employees, a better workplace, higher productivity

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