HexArmor® safety glove helps save worker from thumb laceration

HexArmor® safety glove helps save worker from thumb laceration

The dangers of metal fabrication

Metal fabrication can be a dangerous job. It’s an industry where workers build structures, or parts for structures, by cutting, bending, melting, and assembling metal and metal parts. Every day, metal fabricators are handling heavy-duty machinery and tools such as welders, sanders, cutting and grinding wheels, shop presses, and band saws-all while being exposed to the razor-sharp edges of sheet metal. Workers in this industry who operate or handle this type of equipment and material often suffer from a high rate of cut injuries.

In addition, to cut hazards, workers run the risk of contracting burns if not wearing the proper PPE. Sheet metal is highly conductive of thermal energy, and in the metal fabrication industry, metal is frequently exposed to open flame or other sources of heat to help bend and shape it.

A close call

A worker in Carson, CA had a near miss while on the job fabricating metal from old shipping containers. The worker’s job involves turning old ship container metal into usable resources for low-income homes or school buildings. After using a cutting wheel, the employee took his finger off the trigger so the wheel would stop spinning. Unfortunately, his hand accidentally bumped the cutting wheel before it was completely stopped. The side of his thumb made contact with the exposed wheel, splitting open his glove.

Thankfully, the employee was wearing HexArmor’s Chrome SLT® 4062 and suffered no injury to his thumb, as his glove took the brunt of the cut.

Had he not been wearing these HexArmor gloves, he would have had to get stitches for sure,” Hector, a co-worker of the employee, explained.

Chrome SLT® 4062 leather safety gloves

The Chrome SLT® 4062 has an extended safety cuff and was designed with ultimate comfort in mind, providing unsurpassed dexterity while maintaining cut and puncture resistance. A goatskin leather palm gives workers the traditional style of comfort they love, while still providing 360-degree ANSI/ISEA Level A5 cut protection. It also provides workers with ANSI/ISEA 105 Conductive Heat Level 2 protection so as they encounter heat while bending metal, or the cutting or grinding wheel gets warm, their hands are protected.

The save started with a trial

The metal fabrication company had been trialing with HexArmor gloves for three weeks at the time of the save. Previously, they had been wearing traditional leather work gloves which were lasting workers three to four days at most. The Chrome SLT® 4062 that the employee was wearing during the injury save was on week three of use.

Outfitting workers with the appropriate, high-quality PPE not only boosts overall safety, but it also helps with the bottom line in the long run. PPE should be viewed as a strategic initiative critical to the wellbeing of the company rather than an expense. From increased business opportunities and employee retention to avoiding the costs of injuries, there are many ways the right PPE can lead to safety AND financial benefits.

Want to see how HexArmor® can help keep your workers safe and increase employee compliance? Request a trial today.

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