Hand injury was avoided during scaffolding set-up with HexArmor®

Hand injury was avoided during scaffolding set-up with HexArmor®

Scaffolding is an integral part of any major construction project or facility turnaround. During installation and de-construction, scaffolding creates a variety of hazards to workers' hands. Sharp edges, metal or wood slivers, and pinch points are all areas of potential concern for injury. Injuries on construction sites can be costly, which heightens the importance of taking proper safety precautions.

Hand injuries common among scaffolding riggers

According to the latest government statistics, hand injuries account for 15%-20% of all scaffolding-related injuries, with many of these hand injuries requiring medical attention. The major causes of hand injuries while working with scaffolding are pinch points between uprights, lacerations from sheets of metal, impact-related injuries, and splinters from wood or metal planks.

HexArmor® provides needed protection

A scaffolding erector was performing a regular work task of constructing a scaffold frame during a turnaround at a large mine smeltery. As the worker was joining two uprights, one of the sections slipped causing the upright to slam down onto the worker’s palm.

Luckily the worker had a pair of Chrome Series® 4026 gloves on during the incident, and the SuperFabric® plates within the glove deflected the force of the pinch-point, keeping the metal away from the worker’s hand.

Had the worker been wearing any other synthetic leather glove, he would have had to make a trip to the hospital for stitches or worse. The potential injury could have been a severe pinch to the lower palm that may have resulted in a laceration and an LTI (lost time injury).

HexArmor® protects from pinch hazard

If the contractor employee was wearing a traditional leather driver’s glove as opposed to the HexArmor® protection and technology, the pinch would have penetrated the leather glove and trapped the individual’s skin on his palm in between the two connecting pipes.

In the case of this near incident, the employee was wearing the correct protection and instead of his skin getting trapped between the two connecting pipes, the HexArmor® “SuperFabric” was pinched and torn.

Product solutions:

Chrome Series® 4026

The HexArmor® Chrome Series® 4026 mechanics glove was made to handle the sharp edges of steel sheets, pinch points, and other hazards found in scaffolding erection. These gloves provide the highest levels of cut protection on the market, exceeding industry ratings of ANSI/ISEA level A9 and CE cut level 5. The proprietary smash guards also reduced the risk of smash and pinch injuries from tools and equipment that are part of the day’s work.

GGT5® Mud Grip® 4021X and Rig Lizard® 2021X

Due to the very abrasive and sharp hazards associated with scaffolding, a more “rugged” palm grip such as HexArmor’s 4021X or 2021X with IR-X™ palm grip is also recommended.

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