SuperFabric® stops major recordables in building materials industry

SuperFabric® stops major recordables in building materials industry

Workers within the building materials industry are exposed to several hand safety hazards relating to aggregates, ready-mix concrete, paving, and construction services.

Here’s how SuperFabric® brand material in HexArmor’s Chrome Series® products provided exceptional safety at this building materials company.

The problem

A building materials company was struggling with injuries while wearing [competitor] safety gloves. Due to previous experience with HexArmor®, the VP of HSE called HexArmor® in to help with the company’s overall goal to reduce injury; he knew about the benefits of SuperFabric® brand material in Chrome Series® products, especially within this industry.

The solution

After a thorough understanding of worker hazards, the HexArmor® safety specialist was able to narrow several gloves from the Chrome Series® to begin trialing, including the 4024, 4026, 4027, 4030, and 4080.

This initial trial lasted a few months, and due to its success, a larger extended trial soon began across all five divisions, including:

  1. Shops/Heavy equipment
  2. Trucking/Transportation
  3. Aggregate/Sand/Gravel
  4. RMX (ready-mix)/Concrete
  5. Hot plant/Asphalt/Construction

For the extended trial, the HexArmor® safety specialist spoke first-hand to workers in each division to match their application to the PPE they needed. He also explained the trial process, and the benefits of SuperFabric®, and handed out gloves.


A significant realization of the gloves’ effectiveness was when, after wearing Chrome Series® on the job, the employees didn’t think there were any cuts or issues with the gloves. However, after further examination, the outer glove fabric had been cut through while working, but the inner SuperFabric® layer had stopped any hazard from puncturing further, mitigating injury.

You can see the cut in the glove fabric below, circled in black ink. The SuperFabric® layer below the outer fabric was not compromised (not shown).

 Gloves with small cuts that did not penetrate the SuperFabric layer.


Below is a quick feedback summary with each division.


Employees like the Chrome Series® 4080 due to the comfortable leather palm, as well as the Chrome Oasis® 4030 due to the back-of-hand mesh for work in warmer weather. Each deliver a high dexterity option when working in tight places, as well as back-of-hand impact protection when chiseling.


Feedback from employees included:

  • Chrome Series® 4024 helped reduce some hand pain due to the padded palm
  • Chrome Series® 4027 palm holds up very well in dry applications
  • Chrome Series® 4080 is popular due to the leather palm and heat contact resistance (used for welding with heat shield)
  • Chrome Oasis® 4030 provides the most dexterity in warm temperatures
  • Overall cut protection with each glove is excellent, as employees didn’t realize cuts in the gloves until after more detailed examination

RMX (Ready-mix concrete):

Employees stated the Chrome Series® 4027 palms work well for dry work, putting chutes on and off, etc. Batch operators and crews really like the Chrome Series® 4024 when jackhammering and on the Chrome Oasis® 4030 and Chrome Series® 4080.


Employees at the asphalt plant really like the comfort and heat resistance of the Chrome Series® 4080.

Case studies

Additionally, after one month, the HexArmor® safety specialist was able to capture three more case studies:

Case study #1

An employee wearing the Chrome Series® 4080 accidentally placed the center of their hand on a welded ridge that was very sharp as they stepped down. The employee could feel the sharp edge as they were moving and thought it would have been a cut, but the SuperFabric® in the glove stopped the puncture and only left a small cut/wear through the outer layer of the glove.

Case study #2

An employee was chiseling when they accidentally slipped and hit their finger on the Chrome Series® 4027’s back-of-hand impact. The employee mentioned that it still hurt but didn’t have any issues continuing work due to the impact protection.

Case study #3

Employees turning wrenches and working with heavy-duty equipment were leaving with hand pain every day. Since trialing the Chrome Series® 4024 with the padded palm, each employee said the glove helped reduce and eliminate that hand pain.

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