Warehouse employee has success with blue light safety glasses

Warehouse employee has success with blue light safety glasses

Prolonged exposure to blue light can be detrimental to your vision. But it can also be the cause of headaches, neck pain, and lower concentration and productivity for workers on the job – especially in workspaces like warehouses or manufacturing where there are huge artificial lighting systems.

Learn how CBR65®, the blue light-blocking safety eyewear tint from HexArmor®, helped mitigate the effects of blue light for one employee.

The issue

A stockroom employee working in a large shipping warehouse was experiencing headaches and eye fatigue while at work. These symptoms were most apparent during the maneuvering of products around the warehouse, which required him to look up towards the overhead lights as he loaded and unloaded pallets on the tall shelving systems.

By the end of the day of this constant process, he was feeling overly tired and his eyes were irritated. Even worse, long after his shift was done, the employee was experiencing a lack of sleep and restlessness during the night.

After discussing the issue with his supervisor, they determined that the bright lights in the warehouse may be one of the causes, so they started looking for a solution to help.

The solution

The employee trialed HexArmor’s MX300 safety eyewear with blue light blocking technology, CBR65®, which blocks up to 50% of blue light rays, among other benefits.

The 65% lens tint of CBR65® was just enough to shade and protect his eyes from the bright overhead lights, preventing him from having to squint, while being light enough to still allow him to see indoors without affecting his vision.

Backed by 90+ years of optics science, German engineering, and in-house manufacturing, HexArmor® safety eyewear offers edge-to-edge optical clarity, four permanent anti-fog, scratch-resistant coatings, and multiple tint options for various applications.

The result

The employee was thrilled with the new eyewear and tint. His eyes felt less strained and irritated during the day, and he started resting better at night again.

Additionally, the employee hadn’t always been wearing safety eyewear before the trial, but having a pair of high-performing specs made him want to keep the eyewear on.

This was a win/win for the company and the employee - he was comfortable and in compliance.

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