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Oftentimes, in the manufacturing industry, a routine activity can lead to an accident if rushed or performed improperly. Unfortunately, even when the proper safety measures are taken, accidents are still possible due to unpredictable factors.

The right tool for the job

Such is the reasoning behind proper PPE selection in a plant or factory. A worker in Minnesota experienced an incident in September 2012 that demonstrated the importance of adequate hand protection in a routine blade change out.

The technician responsible for this particular change out had in fact taken the necessary safety precautions.

While wearing the HexArmor® 9000 Series™ 9010 gloves, the wrench being used for the change-out let loose from the equipment he was operating on, and the back of the technician’s hand slammed against an adjacent slitter blade.

A major injury avoided

“It was the slipping force that caused the injury, and indeed the glove protected the employee from losing a finger or causing significant damage, possibly requiring a surgery or two,” said Pamla Farrell.

The result of the incident was a minor first-aid injury to the back of the technician’s hand, as opposed to a recordable injury.

HexArmor® created the 9010 protective gloves with an ANSI/ISEA level A8 cut-resistant palm with SuperFabric® brand material and an HPPE shell, which significantly reduced the force of the blow to the back of the hand, preventing this from being a serious incident.

The employee was able to promptly return to work, after reporting the incident and applying the necessary treatment.

From what I can see, it is still a great glove for the task,” said Farrell.

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