December 17, 2012

Cost-benefit analysis is a key part of any decision-making process, and especially so when making a PPE purchase decision.  It is imperative that those involved with the purchase decision consider all applicable factors, and weigh these factors properly.  But what factors should be considered when shopping for PPE?  Says Bill Margaretta, President of the New Jersey State Safety Council,

“We’re the only profession in the entire world that gets paid for something not happening.  How do you prove that?”

Too often, companies will improperly weigh purchase factors, such as total the cost of PPE, or O.S.H.A. regulations.  This can have disastrous consequences, both from a financial and a personal injury perspective.  Every company will have different qualifiers for their safety program, but there are a few factors that should never go unaddressed:

  • The prevalence of injuries in a specific field or industry
  • The cost of an individual injury case
  • The proper way to prevent common injuries

To read more about establishing a cost-benefit analysis strategy for your safety program, download our short white paper titled, “What is the Cost of Hand and Arm Safety?”