April 25, 2018

High temperatures on worksites can make choosing PPE a difficult task. Warm weather PPE needs to not only possess all the safety benefits of normal industrial gear, but also needs to provide the necessary breathability and comfort.
As your trusted advisor, HexArmor® wants to help make the decision a little easier. Here are some frequently asked questions about warm weather work gloves. 

I work in high temperatures, what are some glove qualities I need?

Breathability is key.  Most companies offer a warm weather option, however, you need to be sure it provides the other safety qualities you need. Determine what type of features you need (E.g. breathability, cut resistance, puncture protection, impact protection, etc.). Make a list of all the things you want your glove to have, and compare different product specifications while you research options.

What type of material won’t make my hands sweat?

There is no material that will 100 percent keep your hands from sweating, but most gloves that fall under the warm weather category do so because they are made with some type of breathable material. At HexArmor® we developed a breathable technology called HexVent® that allows sweat to escape. Most gloves combine a common material like nylon or synthetic leather, and pair it with a mesh for breathability; most often the mesh will be found on the back of the hand. If you choose a warm weather glove with a thicker palm material, you can expect some sweating to occur where the material is thickest, but it’s better to have a little more sweating than not enough protection.

What are some common warm weather hazards?

Warm weather can bring on new challenges and worksite dangers, a few common hazards include tool slips because of sweaty and or slippery hands, distraction because of discomfort, overheating from lack of hydration and rest, and injuries due to lack of compliance (if it’s hot people don’t want to wear PPE, so sometimes they choose to remove gloves, hard hats, harnesses etc.). 

If my gloves are breathable will they still smell if I sweat in them?

No glove can smell nice forever, but with proper care, your gloves should maintain a normal scent for quite a while; not to mention they'll last longer then, too. If you slack on laundering they will inevitably develop that funky glove aroma. Be aware of specific care instructions not just for your warm weather gloves, but all your PPE. And remember, heat and sweat go hand in hand, and they are a terrible combination. Sweaty gloves left out in the sun to dry will not only develop a smell but they can also experience a loss of safety properties.

What types of worksites currently use your warm weather gloves?

The HexArmor® Oasis line of gloves has been crucial for workers on hot-weather worksites around the world. They are popular in oil and gas, mining, construction, and other outdoor applications, due to the amount of protection they provide despite being lightweight and having a breathable design.

If there are any questions you have about warm weather PPE that were not answered above, please contact us.