Four ways a hard hat sun shade can help you step up your PPE game


Are you properly outfitted to work outside in the elements? Working on job sites that maintain outdoor operation year-round regularly face bright sunshine, UV radiation, or other weather-related issues in addition to their normal everyday hazards. The good news? For workers who are required to wear safety helmets, there’s a hard-hat accessory that could offer you extra protection on the job.

Known as a “sun shade,” this accessory is able to attach directly to a hard hat and help alleviate several issues outdoor workers face. HexArmor® is proud to offer the HexShade® UV by SnapBrim™, a universal sun shade design that quickly and securely locks into place on your safety hard hat, helping to protect your eyes, ears, and neck from the elements.

Here are 4 things a sun shade like HexShade® UV could do for you:

Four Ways a Hard Hat Sun Shade Can Help You Step Up Your PPE Game

1. Helps stop UV rays before they reach your skin

Skin cancer is the most common type of skin cancer in the U.S. with more people diagnosed each year than all other cancers combined*, and since 80% of the sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds, you’re almost always at risk of exposure when working outside – regardless of climate or season. Sun shades like HexShade® are able to shield the wearer from harmful UVA and UVB rays, helping to minimize the risk of skin cancer and its effects.

HexShade® is unique; in addition to the 360-degree sun brim, a detachable and launderable hi-vis neck shade is also included to provide extra coverage to one of the most exposed skin areas, the neck, while working in the sun.

Four Ways a Hard Hat Sun Shade Can Help You Step Up Your PPE Game

2. Provides extra protection against inclement weather or environmental factors

The extended protection from the sun is also able to accommodate other environmental elements to help shelter the wearer, including rain, dust, and snow. The resilient, firm construction of the HexShade® is built to attach securely to the brim of your safety helmet to offer full brim features, so that incidental bumping, wind, or light impact will not compromise coverage – perfect for high performance in inclement weather.

Plus, with HexShade®, its flexible, versatile design allows the wearer to easily attach and detach the visor in a matter of seconds – a major upgrade over traditional helmet sun shade designs – for ultimate efficiency and production on the job site.

Four Ways a Hard Hat Sun Shade Can Help You Step Up Your PPE Game

3. Mitigates heat stress for better productivity

In addition to shade and rest as recommended by OSHA for workers outside, another purpose of a sun shade is to help keep the wearer cool, reducing the risk of sunstroke, heat fatigue, and dehydration. According to a HexArmor® product development poll that surveyed hundreds of safety managers around the world, over 93% of workers experience heat stress on the job, which drastically increases the risk of injury. Extending sun protection over the ears and neck with HexShade’s 360-degree protection from the sun helps to keep vision clear and workers cooler on job sites.

Designed to wrap around the whole safety helmet, the easy attachment process of the HexShade® allows workers to quickly feel relief from the heat, and combined with the neck shade, they will be much better equipped to handle long days in the sun, safely.

Four Ways a Hard Hat Sun Shade Can Help You Step Up Your PPE Game

4. Offers another way to customize your PPE needs

HexShade® is able to fit in with your customized worksite solution. Every worksite must meet specific PPE requirements based on need, but the HexShade® allows you to add another optional layer of protection to your workers, helping keep them safer and healthier on the job. This gives you a quick and easy way to promote how strongly your company views the safety of its workers.

Ready to find more relief from your PPE?

Consider the HexShade® UV by SnapBrim™ as your next sun shade. Its ability to work with both long and short brim Ceros® safety helmets, and over 20 other hard hat brands on the market, makes it a perfect addition to your outdoor work PPE arsenal.

Are you using the right head safety equipment? Let us know if you need help - our Solution Specialists are ready to work with you. Call 1-877-MY ARMOR or send us a message.

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*American Academy of Dermatology

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