Have you heard of YULEYS® clean-step system?

Have you heard of YULEYS® clean-step system? header image

The name may sound a little funny - pronounced "you-lees" - but this newly designed clean-step system could change the way you work.

The value of reusable work boot covers has only recently been acknowledged. With the growth of information on the direct and indirect costs of disposable booties, the amount of waste they produce, and the potentially hazardous incidents they can cause, many companies are looking for a new option.

YULEYS® were originally created to benefit workers providing in-home service support, but after the product was purchased by HexArmor®, they have since found their way into the industrial market.

The creator of YULEYS®

HexArmor® acquired the YULEYS® clean step system in January 2014 from YULEYS® creator Nicole Reid of Thunder Bay, Canada. Nicole noticed the challenges movers wearing steel-toed boots faced when delivering furniture; specifically incidents of tracking dirt onto customers’ floors while wearing disposable booties.

From that point on, Nicole was dedicated to finding a solution that would work better than disposable booties, be more cost-effective, and be easier to use. After five years of designing and perfecting YULEYS®, the clean-step system was launched in 2013: work boot covers made of industrial-grade thermoplastic rubber.

Nicole designed YULEYS® to be hands-free, easy to clean, and made of industrial-grade materials. The high-quality product quickly became an international success. And after seeing YULEYS® in action, HexArmor® knew this product could benefit not only in-home service companies but also industrial workers.

YULEYS® on the industrial side

Although YULEYS® was originally designed for in-home service workers, the benefits of these reusable boot covers spread far across all industry types including food service, mining, aerospace, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and even oil and gas.

YULEYS® offers a comfortable and highly effective way for workers to comply with company mandates on wearing booties when entering a facility. They also provide better traction on indoor surfaces including wood, tile, and linoleum.

We’ve seen success with:

  • Oil and gas company workers who go indoors from the oilfield for meals, meetings, and rest.
  • Food processing facilities to protect workers from potential slip hazards.
  • Pharmacies needing to keep their facilities sterile and stop unwanted dirt and contaminants from being tracked indoors.
  • Airports to help end the wasted time that occurs every time a worker enters the terminal to stop and put on a pair of booties.

Could YULEYS® help your company?

To learn more about YULEYS®, let us know if you need help - our Solution Specialists are ready to work with you. Call 1-877-MY ARMOR or send us a message.

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