March 2, 2014

For the second year in a row, HexArmor® was recognized at the Oil and Gas Awards. This year we were named Manufacturer of the year for our continued innovation and dedication to workplace safety in the oil and gas industry.

About the Oil and Gas Awards

The Oil and Gas Awards were launched in 2012 as a means of highlighting the public interest initiatives and corporate responsibility initiatives of the industry. These awards were created to showcase the environmental, health and safety, and community concerns and efforts that companies work towards every day. To learn more about the Oil and Gas Awards please visit

On Tuesday, March 18th, 2014, 70 companies were invited to attend the Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Awards Gala in Houston, Texas. The invitation was based on their work in the oil and gas industry through environmental stewardship, efficiency, innovation, corporate social responsibility, and health and safety. We were proud when at the end of the night HexArmor® was announced as Safety Manufacturer of the year!

HexArmor® Oil and Gas PPE

HexArmor® is dedicated to providing the highest level of safety to the oil and gas industry and has developed over 30 oil and gas products. Each product has been specifically designed to handle common oilfield hazards, and by working side-by-side in the field with our customers we are able to solve problems no other manufacturer can solve. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out our complete line of oil and gas solutions, be sure to click the button below to learn more.

Why HexArmor®?

HexArmor® is an industry-leading manufacturer of safety gloves and PPE. We have developed some of the most sophisticated PPE solutions on the market, purpose-built to meet the industry’s ongoing safety needs. Because of our innovation and dedication, our company is one of the fastest growing PPE companies in the oil and gas industry with over ¼ billion hours of safety under our belt, and customers in over 70 countries.

We are excited about this award, and we appreciate all our customers who have worked with us to develop these solutions.