What are polarized lenses?

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Polarized lenses made their debut in 1937, gained swift popularity, and represented one of the largest growth segments in the consumer eyewear market. Today, what was once considered a popular technology for boaters and fishermen can be found in eyewear for any application at risk of glare from reflected light, including safety eyewear.

Standard tinted sunglasses don’t overcome glare — or scattered light — they only reduce the brightness of the light coming through the lens. Polarized lenses work differently than regular tinted lenses by eliminating unwanted glare from reflected light. The reduction in glare allows you to see with better contrast, visual comfort, and acuity.

How do polarized lenses eliminate glare?

A polarized layer is either applied or embedded in the lenses allowing light to pass through on only one chosen plane, eliminating the loss of visual clarity from light reflecting in from multiple directions. To clarify, polarization removes glare by absorbing horizontal scattered light (glare) while only allowing vertical light on a single plane to pass through the lens to your eye. The effect is similar to how blinds work to redirect incoming light.

There are a number of significant benefits to polarized lenses:

  • Reduction in glare helps reduce eye strain which can help with headaches, fatigue, and employee compliance
  • Reduce or eliminate the amount of “blinding light” coming from reflections such as water, glass, snow, metal, or even blacktop
  • Clearer vision helps a person experience their environment with more clarity, giving a better understanding of what is going on around them, creating a safer environment

Is a polarized lens right for you?

Any worker around large surfaces that reflect light is in danger of scattered rays from multiple directions. So, if you work near or around large metal containers, big sheets of glass, parking lots or roads, water, and even snow, your eyes will strain to avoid glare. Wearing polarized glasses will ensure you are not compromised unnecessarily, keeping you comfortable and safe.

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