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May 23, 2014

From the leader in industrial hand protection comes the Hex1® Series, because we know that not all jobs require heavy-duty safety gloves. Sometimes you just need a pair of gloves that look great, feel great, work great, and last. Hex1® gloves are made with the same high-quality materials as our high-performance safety gloves, and perform better than any mechanic’s glove you’ve ever worn. Whether you’re looking for impact protection, wet or dry grip, cold weather or simply a shop-glove, you’re sure to find a Hex1® to fit your needs.

Better fit.
Hex1® products are designed for a snug fit. This makes for a more comfortable glove, giving you the dexterity and tactile sensitivity you need to do your job.

Better materials.
HexArmor® is committed to quality. We strive for continuous improvement, and we’re constantly seeking out the best possible materials, and we won’t skimp on those to save a few pennies.

Better design.
Our design and development team works hard to craft exceptionally designed gloves. We design gloves that you’ll be proud to put on and wear to work each day

Better durability.
Our R&D team does not search for the cheapest materials, they search for the best. Using the Tabor test for abrasion, competitive gloves fail at 500 cycles compared to over 3,000 for Hex1® gloves. That’s 6 times the abrasion resistance, 6 times the life of a glove. Case closed.

Better gloves.
There are a lot of options for mechanics gloves on the market, but only one that that stands out. Don’t settle for less, demand the best tool out there.

High-Quality Means High-Performance
Did you know Hex1® gloves outperform competitive products across the board in both lab and field tests? Using the Taber Test  (The Taber Test measures a glove's abrasion resistance, and in general, how quickly a material wears down) we measured how many cycles (one cycle equals 360 degrees) our gloves would last. This shows the materials abrasion resistance at all angles.

The results: HexArmor® Hex1® gloves lasted for 3,000 cycles while the average competetior gloves lasted for 500 cycles. That’s a pretty big difference, don’t you think?

By using high-quality materials, these gloves last longer than competitor options, and provide better resistance to possible abrasions and snags. And because of the lightweight materials used in designing the Hex1® Series, each glove offers a comfortable fit and greater tactile sensitivity. Don’t settle for anything. Use the best, the Hex1® Series.

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