March 16, 2015

When times get tough, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you are maximizing your resources. PPE should be viewed as a strategic initiative, critical to the wellbeing of the company, rather than an expense. A safe and healthy workforce can lead to a better Total Recordable Incident Report (TRIR), which makes a huge impact on the bottom line.

TRIR is the method OSHA uses to evaluate and quantify a company’s safety performance. Poor TRIR scores can trigger OSHA scrutiny in the form of inspections and fines, but the costs really add up when customers, vendors, and employees see a poor TRIR score. High rates of injury often result in lost business, while excellent scores can lead to increased business and personnel attraction/retention. Also, your TRIR score influences corporate insurance premiums, which means an injury today can have a negative financial impact for years to come.  Check out some HexArmor® solutions by clicking the button below:


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