November 23, 2015

It can be difficult to accurately estimate exactly how much warmth and insulation is needed based on the temperature when working in cold environments. And how do you compare insulation when there are different brands and levels? Understanding the science behind the CLO rating, which determines the insulation level, can help you navigate Thinsulate™; and other cold weather protection levels.

What is a Clo?

  • CLO=0 – Corresponds to a naked person
  • CLO=1 – Corresponds to the insulating value of clothing needed to maintain a person in comfort sitting at rest in a room at 70 degrees with air movement of 0.1 m/s and humidity less than 50%

Example Clo ratings of garments:

  • Men’s briefs = .04 Clo
  • Sweatpants = .28 Clo
  • Thick Sweater = .35 Clo
  • Winter Coat = .70 Clo

Now, compare those to some of the most common thermal liners used in cold weather hand protection:

  • C40 = 0.7 Clo
  • C70 = 1 Clo
  • C150 = 1.9 Clo  
  • G60 = 1.4 Clo
  • G100 = 2.2 Clo
  • G150 = 2.8 Clo

By knowing the difference between CLO Ratings you can be better prepared to keep your workers safe during this cold weather season. Contact a HexArmor Representative for more information on our cold weather work glove solutions and download our quick guide to CLO Rating as well to help keep you and your workers safe.

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