• Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 30 dB (small), 32 dB (medium), 33 dB (large); CSA Class A(L)
  • accuFit™ designed for use in loud environments (high NRR rating)
  • Patented x-grip™ technology reduces contact pressure in the ear canal and facilitates easy removal
  • Earplug design significantly reduced the amplitude of sound, while still allowing wearers to be alerted to voice and warning sounds
  • High density, slow-expanding PU foam for premium comfort and fit
  • Ergonomic, tapered shape for comfort
  • All sizes available in corded option
30 dB
18-10001 Small 810001798505
18-11001 Medium 810001798529
18-12001 Large 810001798550

Match your earplugs to your ear size - aim for an accurate fit

See accuFit™ earplugs in action

Three size options

Find the right fit with not one, but three sizes to better accommodate ear shapes

Fast and easy removal

Indented “X” offers a natural grip for your finger and thumb for efficient removal

Customized, low-pressure fit

Premium high-density foam takes over two minutes to fully expand once rolled down

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