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Possible applications for the Helix® 1092 glove are workplaces where handheld pneumatic or electrical screwdrivers are used, including: 

  • Handheld power tools
  • Screwdrivers
  • Rivet drivers

The Helix® 1092 glove has not been tested for use with:

  • Drilling tools (e.g. drill presses)
  • Milling machines
  • Grinding machines
  • Lathes

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1092-XXXS (4) 810001797027
1092-XXS (5) 812013026478
1092-XS (6) 812013026485
1092-S (7) 812013026492
1092-M (8) 812013026508
1092-L (9) 812013026515
1092-XL (10) 812013026522
1092-XXL (11) 812013026539
1092-XXXL (12) 812013026546

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Foam Nitrile Grip

Sponge coating (chemically foamed) is softer and more flexible than flat nitrile.

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Helix® Grip Options

Helix® series gloves offer a wide variety of grip options to provide users with the appropriate grip for the task at hand. HexArmor® has you covered for any working condition. We're constantly researching and testing new formulas and application methods to maximize grip and function, helping workers redefine safety at their worksite. Learn more

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15G Nylon/Elastane

The silky thermoplastic polymers of nylon are wound together with elastane, a synthetic yarn known for its exceptional elasticity. Together, these yarns give gloves flexibility and movement while providing a high level of abrasion resistance.