Performance Ratings

2085-XS (6) 812013027277
2085-S (7) 815733015067
2085-M (8) 815733015074
2085-XXXL (12) 812013024023
2085-XL (10) 815733015098
2085-L (9) 815733015081
2085-XXL (11) 815733015104
2085-XXS (5) 812013027260

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Polyurethane Grip

Lightweight, flexible, durable, grip; good abrasion and puncture resistance.

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Helix® Grip Options

Helix® series gloves offer a wide variety of grip options to provide users with the appropriate grip for the task at hand. HexArmor® has you covered for any working condition. We're constantly researching and testing new formulas and application methods to maximize grip and function, helping workers redefine safety at their worksite. Learn more

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13G HPPE/Fiberglass

Fiberglass breaks down the threat of a cutting edge, and when combined with the protective cover of HPPE – a strong, composite polyethylene yarn – this knit creates a tough, mid-cut glove shell.